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Covid 19 Procedures


Please familiarise yourselves with these instructions.  They have been designed with your safety as well as our staff’s safety in mind.

Social Distancing

We have taken steps to reduce the risk by re-configuring our table layout so that only those from the same family are sat at a table together face to face. Consequently, we advise tables are to be shared by members of the same family only.  If you do share a table with others, then you are doing so at your own risk and against the advice of Breakers Café and government guidelines.

Tables have been reconfigured so that adequate space is provided between each table.  This means customers on different tables are back to back and side to side with less risk. 

  • Back to Back = 1m distance
  • Side to side = 2m distance
  • Face to Face on opposite tables = 3m distance

Use of PPE by Staff

Staff working behind the counter are protected by the perspex screen and do not require face shields or face masks.  (However, these are available to staff for additional protection if they so wish).

All staff entering the customer seating areas to clean tables will be required to wear PPE, (face masks, face visors and gloves).  Gloves will be disposed after each use.

Staff have been instructed to wash their hands after any task which involves potential of contamination such as handling money or clearing tables.  They will continue to maintain high standards of food handling.

All staff will be temperature checked at the start of every shift and a record of this will be kept on public display in the Café. Staff who record a temperature that is above the Government guidelines will be asked to return home and self-isolate for 14 days. All staff have been instructed to adhere to the socialising guidelines outside of their working shifts as set out by the Government guidelines, failure to do this will result in them being asked to return home for 14 days and will be subject to disciplinary procedures as set out within their employment contracts.

Staff will work in designated areas with specific roles during their shift.

The designated areas are:

  • Cold food prep
  • Hot food prep
  • Till and Drinks prep
  • Table clearing and washing
traffic light system

Breakers Café has decided to operate a traffic light system for ease of understanding;

Whilst queuing outside please observe the green and red traffic light. 

GREEN = enter  RED = wait outside. 

You will be advised when tables become available and are ready for seating once being sanitized for your safety. Anything within the café marked GREEN is safe to touch, marked RED do not touch, AMBER be aware it may have been touched by others so please use hand sanitizer gel available on the dresser. 

Food Ordering

Upon entering café go immediately to your table. On the wall is the café s menu (do not touch or remove from the wall).  Alternatively, our menu can be viewed from our website Our free WIFI is PLUSNET-K8WG password BreakfastBreakers.  Designate one person to go to the till to place your order, giving your table number. Your drinks will be served to you at the till area. Once your food order is ready you will be called to the service hatch to collect your food. Cutlery, napkins and condiments will come with the food order.

Entering and leaving Breakers café

There is a two-way system on entering and leaving the café.  Please follow the signage which will direct you to keep to the left.  Once outside please join the flow of pedestrians as per the signage installed by Cromer Town Council and NNDC.  

There is an information board giving full instructions outside the café entrance along with hand gel sanitizer and we kindly ask that you make note of the instructions and use the sanitizer before entering.

Use of Toilets

Toilets within the Café are strictly for the use of dining-in customers and staff.  There is a dedicated staff toilet and a unisex toilet for customers with disabled facilities and baby changing facilities.

Using the toilet room. 

  • Upon entering and after touching the door- handle please wash your hands. 
  • Upon using the facilities please open the door BEFORE washing your hands.
  • After washing please leave without touching any door furniture.

Staff will monitor the unisex toilet, however if you use the baby changing facilities please advise staff so as they can sanitizer the baby changing area.

A great deal of time has been invested to make your time at Breakers Café as safe as possible. But we are doing this with little guidance and would welcome any suggestions you may have. Please feel free to talk to management with any suggestions. You can also review us on our web page: or our Facebook page Breakers Café.

Thank you


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